1970s Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant  Circa 1970.

1970s flight attendant

The picture above was taken of a 1970s flight attendant, in the cabin of an airplane. A United Airlines DC 10 is the airplane in question and the photo shows a flight attendant as she sits and utilizes the plane’s intercom in order to broadcast a message throughout the cabin.

United Airlines began from the original Boeing Air Transport after it merged with Pratt and Whitney, a fellow airfare accommodator. The result was called the United Aircraft Transportation Corporation, which slowly went about buying and merging with other smaller airlines and aircraft manufacturers in order to increase their size and scope. UATC began manufacturing the world’s first all metal jet airliner, the Boeing 247, and began utilizing it immediately for their services.

The company garnered a large amount of attention from their sheer increase of size and scope, which resulted in the Air Mail Act 1934. This split the corporation into separate branches that still worked in union with each other. United Aircraft and The Boeing Aircraft Company were responsible for creating and assembling the aircraft, while United Airlines would be in charge of flying them.

From there, they were able to revert to their original strategy of mergers to achieve the top of the market. Now based in Chicago, Illinois, the airline boasts massive success. It is the airline that has the most destinations served of any airline. They also happen to be the airline with the second most travel distance per individual passenger. Although they have been under investigation from antitrust groups, they are still around today.