1970’s Movies Quiz

1970’s Movies Quiz.

Since the original boom of cinema in America during the pre-war period, movies have been an integral part of the cultural history of the West. Filmmakers throughout the Americas, Europe, and the rest of the world were stepping up to the plate to represent the artistic identities of their homelands.

After World War Two, cinema was still slowly growing in terms of its scope and popularity. However, in the 70s, cinema’s cultural relevance practically exploded. It has been said that this was the decade that introduced the concept of a blockbuster film. Unprecedented budgets were flowing into these movies. In turn, these movies were able to rake in unprecedented profits.

In the span of a few years, movies evolved from being generally intimate artistic diversions into generally broad attempts at capturing the imaginations of the public at large. Creative directors and writers began leading a new generation toward great horizons. Images on the big screen continued to grow more and more advanced as studios started to show an ability to create entire worlds for audiences to enjoy.

Beyond spectacle, the 70s is also known for containing a number of comedic masterpieces that sparked entire subgenres in their wakes. The genres of drama and romance which were so typical of early cinema were still present and flourishing in the 70s.

This quiz will ask you to identify thirty of the most iconic, successful, and influential movies to come from this wild decade of cultural history.

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Good Luck taking the 1970’s Movies Quiz!

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