19th Century American History Quiz

19th Century American History Quiz

The American Revolution shaped the nation’s history throughout the 18th Century. It can be said that most historical events of that era led up to the Revolution or else resulted from it.

By the time the 19th Century rolled around, the future of the American nation was entirely uncertain. The cause of liberty had been achieved. What was left was to determine what would be the status quo for the new country.

We could see this attitude manifest itself in the formation of major political objectives. Foreign and domestic alike, the American public set their sites on lofty goals which they hoped would be achieved. In some cases, the extreme divisiveness of these political topics would unleash terrifying havoc upon the fabric of American society. The country would survive these periods of turmoil.

Out of the chaos of war came new opportunities for equality in the United States. Comparing policy at the outset of the 19th Century and its conclusion gives a solid idea of just how dramatically the country evolved during this span of time. America began to assert its voice into the realm of global politics. Its economy was beginning to emerge as a force to be reckoned with.

More than that, America was serving as a beacon to countries around the world that it was possible for a nation to be effectively ruled in a democratic system.

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