Adam West & Yvonne Craig

This photograph shows one of Hollywood’s dynamic duos enjoying a lovely day together.

adam west yvonne craig

The man is none other than Adam West, the actor who played Batman in the live show of 1966-1968. The woman is Yvonne Craig, the actress who played Batgirl in the same show. The photograph was taken in Los Angeles in 1968 as the show was wrapping up.

The two knew their time together was limited so they began to hang out. The picture captures one of those moments as Craig displays skills she picked up back when she was a ballet dancer before her career in acting. Craig was born in 1937 and, indeed, was an avid ballerina at a young age. This gave her the acrobatic skills that she would use to acquire many small parts in television, such as The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Perry Mason, and Star Trek. She eventually achieved the role of Batgirl in 1968 which would be her most successful role. After that, she mainly continued appearing in bit parts on television.

Adam West was born in 1928 and lived a normal childhood. At the age of 18 he was drafted into the army. Upon realizing that he had a tremendous voice, his superiors gave him a job as a broadcaster. After returning home, he decided acting was the career he wanted. He also started acting bit parts until he became Batman.

After the show had run its course, Adam West was still considered Batman and actually liked that. He would go on to provide characters that were simply delusional versions of himself in Family Guy and Fairly Oddparents.