Albert Einstein & Charlie Chaplin

Einstein and Chaplin – A candid moment.

Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin

Here we see two figures who were perhaps some of the most iconic in the entire world during the early 1900’s, Albert Einstein and Charlie Chaplin. Two rather distinct men in their own rights, this doesn’t exactly seem like a very plausible duo because of how different their lines of work were.

Albert Einstein pioneered theoretical physics, defining the law of relativity, whereas Charlie Chaplin was the pioneer of the big screen, starring in early silent and talking motion pictures. Einstein achieved his fortune and fame by theorizing about the universe and unlocking its secrets, while Chaplin performed comedy to entertain the masses of the age.

It is reported that this picture was taken in 1931 at the premiere of Chaplin’s film City Lights. Apparently, Einstein was merely visiting Hollywood when Chaplin caught wind of his presence. He immediately invited the scientist to be his guest of honor at the film premiere later that evening, an offer that was accepted.

This meeting was in good fun as Einstein and Chaplin both found to enjoy each other’s company. There is also a famous quote that is attributed to this meeting of the minds. On their way out of the theater, the two were given thunderous applause from the people of Hollywood. In response to this, Chaplin leaned over to Einstein and said, “They are cheering us both, you because nobody understands you, and me because everyone understands me.”

Although that may sound like and insult, it was actually high praise, Chaplin saying that Einstein was so ahead of his time, that common people were unable to understand what he did. It also humbled himself a bit, saying that he was so simple that the common man could easily understand him. The two men would never see each other again after that evening.