Alfred Hitchcock Sleigh Ride

Alfred Hitchcock Catching Snowflakes!


This a nice photograph that captures the lighter side of one of Hollywood’s darker figures, Alfred Hitchcock. The picture is a pleasant shot that shows Hitchcock and his grandchildren catching snowflakes on their tongues as they go on a nice sleigh ride through the snowy landscape.

Hitchcock was born in England in 1899 to a kind but strict family. Hitchcock describes his childhood as lonely because of his few friends and he never truly excelled at anything until he began to write for a cable company that was called Henley’s. The company produced a paper which he produced short stories for and figured out he had a talent for it. From here, he would go on to create a slew of silent movies that would come out with varying success. In 1927 he got his big break when his film The Lodger came out to substantial success. The film also cemented his style of directing by using suspense and plots grounded in reality to make them frightening.

With his success, he was given the budget to begin writing movies with sound, a luxury at the time. He put his sound to good use, however, by using it to further stress the suspense of his films. His most famous works are Psycho, Rear Window, The Lady Vanishes, and The Birds. He would marry the woman who acted as his assistant director, Alma Reville. The pair would go on to have a daughter named Patricia, who would be the mother of the grandchildren Hitchcock is having a snow day with in the picture. Hitchcock’s work would earn him the title “The Master of Suspense.” His legacy can still be seen even after his passing in 1980.