Allied Troops On The March

British Troops Marching Through Egypt.

allied troops marching through egypt

During the Second World War and the quest for power that was initiated by the Axis Powers spread farther through the world than most people realize. Although a good many people already know about the campaign to take over North Africa, how it went about may remain hazy in their minds.

Italy had long held interest in expanding their borders southward in order to help provide them with the resources and land necessary to build the grand empire they wished for themselves. Now that they had the mighty military backing of Nazi Germany, that vision could come to fruition. In 1940 through 1942, much of the fighting on the European front had come to a stalemate as both sides pushed hard to gain any ground. That is one reason both saw the battles in Northern Africa as being so important. They were a way to gain some ground and some morale for their battered troops.

Italy and England were the main countries that had their forces in conflict during these battles, however, the United States helped the Allies starting in 1941 and the Germans sent an elite force lead by the legendary General, Erwin Rommel. Rommel became known as “The Desert Fox” because of his wily tactics in the deserts of Egypt and Libya.

Both sides pushed back and forth trying to force their opponents out, but with reinforcements, the Allies were able to decisively shove their opponents even further into Tunisia. This move trapped the Axis troops and forced them to surrender to the ever approaching Allies. With Africa under their control, the Allies utilized it as base for their assaults into Nazi territory.