American 18th Century History Quiz

The American 18th Century History Quiz

As the colonial American nation was being built during the 17th Century, it was still far from the independent power that it is now. During the 18th Century, many incredibly influential events took place.

Some of these were brutal wars that tested the mettle of the American people. Others were bold demonstrations the likes of which the world had never seen before. Some of the most famous individuals in western history rose to prominence due to these events. By the period’s end, a free American nation was born. The world would never be the same.

A new republic was built upon principles of liberty and justice. Unprecedented times led to unprecedented acts of glory and tragedy. The spirit of rebellion had taken root in the people of the Americas. What resulted had been building over the course of decades. After the 18th Century came and went, most nations across the western world became aware that a new age was dawning for all of civilization.

In this age, the people would not be docile under a government that did not represent their interests. This quiz will ask you questions about some of the most important events and figures to impact America during the 18th Century. This includes both the American colonies and the fledgling United States of America.

What’s more, as much as to test, this quiz is meant to inform. So, we hope you come out of it knowing something new.

How much do you know about the origins of the United States of America? Take our American History 18th Century Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the American 18th Century History Quiz!

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