American Civil War Generals Quiz

The American Civil War Generals Quiz

After it became clear the divide between northern and southern American states would lead to war, many officers of the American armed forces faced a very difficult decision. Particularly, for many southern commanders, they faced the difficult decision of siding with their nation or with their homes.

For the northerners, the concern entering the war rested in how they would have to fight against lifelong friends and comrades on the opposite side of the battlefield. Tensions were exhaustive. Nevertheless, officers on both sides of the conflict distinguished themselves through tactical prowess which has shaped legends.

The bloodiest conflict in American history was lorded over by these reluctant commanders each fighting for their vision of the future of the United States of America. That bloodiness didn’t stop at soldier casualties. Many of the prominent commanding officers pushing their troops onward also became casualties on the field of battle.

In the span of the grisly war, heroes rose to prominence fighting for both factions. Many of them became historical legends of the American armed forces. Many more have devised strategies and tactics which modern commanders still study.

By learning from these men, we also remember the tragedy of war in how human its participants were regardless of their allegiances. Each one of these figures was not only a soldier, but also a real-world person with unique aspirations.

This quiz seeks to celebrate the accomplishments of some of these legendary titans who managed to blaze a path to glory. How much do you know about the legendary leaders of the Confederacy and the Union armies? Take our American Civil War Generals Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the American Civil War Generals Quiz!

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