American Geography Quiz

The American Geography Quiz.

A nation as large as the United States of America can be expected to house a number of fascinating elements of geography. However, America happens to be home to such a wide array of ecosystems and landmarks that studying them all points to the vast diversity that exists within the country’s limited landmass. Frontiersmen blazed trails across the wide plains of America. Sailors landed on its rocky coasts.

Today, as civilization is still spreading to the far corners of the nation, we are making new discoveries about the environments of the American continent. Even a country like America which houses so many famous man-made monuments possesses an incredible number of natural geographic marvels that have managed to become symbols of the country and its legacy. The youth of the American nation also contributes to its wide array of geographical points of interest.

With a shorter amount of time carrying western civilization than most other countries, a fair number of its resources have been allowed to be preserved on this continent. Even though the development of the country came at the cost of numerous geographic marvels, there are still a slew left to be saved for posterity. This quiz is going to focus on geographic facts about the U.S.A. From deserts to oceans, we will ask you about natural formations and features of the country.

How much do you know about the lands of America? Take our American Geography Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the American Geography Quiz!

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