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With the American government still trying to establish its role in the global stage, one of the most dynamic periods of the early 1800s was the Jacksonian Era. Many questionable occurrences happened throughout this era. Despite the name, multiple consecutive presidents held office in this era each with their own conflicting beliefs.

What their influences culminated into was a truly confusing time for united federal policy. Furthermore, the role of the national government in terms of its relation to state governments began to solidify into the shape which we still see it today. Despite how consistently different areas of government butted heads throughout the period, it must be stated the influence of the United States as a political agent in global affairs markedly increased.

We seek to inform our readers about both the positives and negatives of this era in the hopes that it creates not only a more informed populace, but also to ensure the mistakes which people made during this era never reappear. How much do you know about this historical period? Take our American Jacksonian Era Quiz to find out.

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