Ancient Greece Quiz

The Ancient Greece Quiz.

With one of the richest ancient cultures, Ancient Greece was a civilization that helped establish the development of mankind. Not only did it lay the groundwork for almost all European civilizations to follow, it also had a huge impact on the surrounding areas of northern Africa and western Asia.

Greek culture was what truly set it apart from the myriad of other ancient civilizations. As much as Ancient Greece flourished with its unique governments and peoples, the artistic and philosophical achievements of the Greeks are not to be under-stated. So great were the advancements of Greek culture that, to this day, their influence can be seen in areas from architecture to literature.

Famous leaders, famous works of art, and famous locales: Greece had them all. The Greeks themselves were influenced by a coalition of other societies which rose and fell before. It was thanks to the ancient Greeks that civilization as we know it managed to blossom in the chaotic expanse of Europe.

By the time Greece was conquered, its influence was already sealed even in the heart of its conquerors. For centuries before that, however, the western world centered on Greece. With its fascinating mythology paving the way for all following western fiction and its cultural relics allowing us vast insight into the practices and lives of its people.

Taking all of that into account, we have crafted this quiz based on major historical knowledge of the Ancient Period of Greece.

How much do you know about this legendary civilization? Take our Ancient Greece Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Ancient Greece Quiz!

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