Ancient Rome Quiz

The Ancient Rome Quiz.

Almost two millennia after its fall, Ancient Rome remains one of the most resplendent human civilizations Not only does its legacy live on in both an artistic and political sense, its practical history managed to shape the course of global politics for centuries after. With an immediately recognizable aesthetic sense and a style of government leagues ahead of its time, the Roman Empire is a true icon of history.

Even from its earliest days a certain quality allowed the people of Rome to soar to great heights. Their civilization started at a point when very few other organized cultures would have been able to unite nearly as many people.

Through a combination of military force and hard-handed diplomacy, Rome was able to scoop up territory after territory to massively expand their sphere of influence. Furthermore, some of the most famous leaders of world history lived in Ancient Rome. As befalls all major civilizations, Rome fell at a critical point in world history.

When other major world powers began to come into the game of empires, Rome simply couldn’t keep up. What’s more, a series of abusive and greedy rulers continuously managed to destroy the structure of the Roman Empire in the name of personal gain.

Studying Ancient Rome manages to provide a fascinating window into the history of all mankind. We also manage to perceive essential themes that sprout up in all western civilizations that would follow.

How much do you know about this legendary civilization? Take our Ancient Rome Quiz to find out.

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