Andrew Jackson Quiz

The Andrew Jackson Quiz.

The United States was still trying to find its footing. With the Founding Fathers gone, a door as opened for new charismatic leaders to rise to the head of the pack and lead America into its next age. For better or worse, it was Andrew Jackson who rose to the call.

He was a military man famed for the victories he brought to his nation. However, his military experience did not exactly translate to political experience. He was the constant point around which the country’s politics formed.

Many joined a faction in support of Jackson’s radical policies. Many also flocked to the opposition of Jackson hoping to garner any sort of resistance against this president. In spite of that resistance, Jackson often got his way. He spared little time for the intricacies of politics instead opting to further his agenda through whatever means were available to him.

In a single presidential term, it can be said that Jackson radically altered the course which the American government seemed to be on. This brought a number of challenges to Jackson’s supporters as the exact nature of what the country’s new course should be. Guiding their sentiments was Andrew Jackson as the central pillar of his party and its supporters. Jackson is known for several controversial decisions as well as his slew of government reforms he managed to enact. For these reasons, Jackson’s legacy is quite murky in the modern day.

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