Andrew Johnson Quiz

Andrew Johnson Quiz

The Civil War had torn America apart. With hundreds of thousands if not millions of casualties resulting, it drained America of many honest people in addition to whatever material cost it exacted.

Still, there was a beacon guiding American through that grim era. A leader shone brightly to help direct the path toward reconciliation and reconstruction. His murder was just another tragedy added onto the death toll of the Civil War Era. With no one else able to rise up and guide the fractured United States of America, it fell on an unassuming politician named Andrew Johnson to begin to heal the wounds of war.

Johnson was a man who had a very humble origin. Circumstance and dedication ultimately led him to become the Vice President of the United States. Then, it was circumstance again that placed him in the Oval Office. Johnson inherited one of the worst domestic crises the nation had ever experienced. Yet, the call of duty fell to him whether he was ready to bear that responsibility or not. As criticism came at him from both sides of the political aisle, he would eventually prove unable to heal the damage done to his nation.

The presidency of Andrew Johnson was defined by multiple flounderings that prevented pragmatic social advancement for the nation. As such, historians generally dismiss Andrew Johnson as ineffectual. He set controversial precedents that would plague American politics in the years to come.

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