Apollo 11 Successful Launch Celebration

Celebration of Apollo 11.

NASA Apollo 11

This featured picture was taken in the control room of NASA during the Apollo 11 lunar mission. At the moment the image was captured, the launch was confirmed to be successful and mankind was safely on its way to the moon for the first time.

Several control room technicians can be seen celebrating this milestone for the space age after years of careful planning and preparation. Approximately eight years ago was when the first men would be able to go into space with Yuri Gagarin and Alan Shepherd, opening up a world of possibilities and the dreams of the next astronauts and aerospace engineers.

After this event, the famous “space race” in which the USA and USSR tried to beat each other’s space programs. President John F. Kennedy even went so far as to challenge the nation to put a man on the moon before the 1960’s were over. A challenge we successfully completed.

The brave men who agreed to go through with our lunar aspirations were astronauts Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. With their courage and NASA’s incredible scientific advances, it seemed that this would finally be the time to accomplish this milestone. The Apollo 11 makes it into orbit and begins its dangerous journey in the pursuit of knowledge. From here, the lunar module Eagle is deployed with the men aboard and touches down in the sea of tranquility on the moon’s surface.

Armstrong becomes the first human to set foot on the moon as samples are gathered. Once they are satisfied with the research, they board the module again and return to the rocket. They return heroes, Apollo 11 proving that man can truly explore the vast mysteries of space and still come home safe.