Beasts & Monsters of Mythology Quiz

The Beasts & Monsters of Mythology Quiz.

The mythology of mankind is a subject that has fascinated a great deal of historians. In the millennia since these myths were first made, we have held onto these traditions out of appreciation and historical curiosity. Central to many of the most popular myths are monsters. These mythical beasts are creatures which have no scientific evidence of ever truly existing. At the same time, they often took shape in the stories early men told in an attempt at giving form to antagonizing forces.

While mythical beasts don’t always serve as directly villainous forces, they are rarely allies to mankind in these stories. Some of these legends were passed on to teach morals to the people who heard them. Some attempted to provide a mystified context to history and tradition. For these grand fictional entities to appear in these tales can sometimes be viewed as the simple contamination of history and its tendency to be raveled in fetishized mysticism.

However, it is more likely that the conceptualization of mythological beasts can be traced back to man’s desire to be able to quantify things in as simple of terms as possible. It would be much easier to describe the valor of a legendary king if the storyteller created some purely evil entity for that hero to stand victorious over. Similarly, some monsters are created in order to personify vices in mankind. Early myths often featured beasts who embodied the simple concept of animalistic violence as mankind attempted to build more structured civilizations.

As time marched on, a number of these beasts went on to represent more complex themes as humans began to realize the wickedness that lurked behind every corner of the real world.

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