Blackbeard Quiz

The Blackbeard Quiz.

History is a strange subject at times. Students of history learn about the dates of monumental events. They also learn about the lives and times of some of the most impactful people of all time. Then, history also opens the door for us to learn about a number of true blackguards. Everything from dictators to romanticized crooks can be found in our contemporary pantheon of historical figures.

Case in point, Blackbeard has become one of the most legendary criminals in history. His contributions to society were not particularly constructive. In a way, he typified just what the archetypal pirate would be associated with. His ferocity was only matched by his ambition. As the man slashed and burned a bloody path into history, the world around him was forced to ignore him or stand in front of his rampage.

For decades, Blackbeard ruled the seas. The public, though terrorized by Blackbeard in his life, latched onto the man’s legacy once he passed away. There was something they found inspiring in the man’s ability to stand apart from civilization and the laws of man. If Blackbeard was nothing else, he was free until his end. This became a common trait that we saw people attach to pirates in the wake of Blackbeard. Honest civilians began to romanticize the anarchist tendencies of pirate legends. Given the wide influence Blackbeard had, it was no wonder why he became such a storied figure among this new trend of romanticized pirates. In spite of that romanticization, the true history of Blackbeard is one of treachery, theft, and intimidation.

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