blink 182

This photograph was taken in 1996 at a live performance by the band Blink-182 in Los Angeles. This was a point well within the band’s career when they had accumulated a considerable amount of buzz and notoriety. The band was part of the California punk trend that was so wildly popular during the 1990’s.

After Green Day became such a massive success in the music scene, the world clamored for more bands like them. Blink-182 filled that role quite nicely, playing music of a similar tune but with their own flare. Their style was known for having upbeat music that was brought to fruition by their legendarily zany live performances. As you can see from the picture with bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus and guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge, they performed antics onstage to entertain their audiences.

The band came to be in a San Diego suburb when the two above mentioned members started the band with drummer Scott Raynor. The band’s rise to power was rather gradual with them playing small local gigs and releasing a few songs every now and then.

Bit by bit their fan base grew and they began to participate in some smaller tours. They received a great deal of fame when they were signed on to play at Warped Tour in 1996.

It was in 1999, however, that they received their biggest dose of fame with the release of “All the Small Things.” From here, the band became a huge part of the punk scene and, even though the lineup has changed, they are still keeping punk alive and kicking.