Bob Hope Quiz

The Bob Hope Quiz.

Cinema has experienced a peculiar number of evolutions. In its very earliest stages, the medium had no sound. So, its stars needed to communicate drama or comedy through their expressions and motions. Once the advent of the “Talkies” came about, movies were able to finally have audio synced up with their video.

Now, dialogue became a critical element of most movies. With this novel new improvement, filmmakers began to experiment with what they could truly portray on the big screen. Some saw the popularity of theater acts of the day and capitalized on that by bringing song and dance to movies. This started a new age of cinema led by the song-and-dance men. Of these early cinematic titans, few stood the test of time as well as Bob Hope did.

There were few actors working in the industry who could keep up with his witty rapport. His talents did not solely rest in his sense of humor, though. Hope was a beloved singer and dancer to the point that he was able to sell out major venues with his routines. His films experienced similar levels of success.

In spite of his talents, he was known as a generous man who never let success go to his head. His charitable efforts remain some of the most famous things about him. Even decades past his debut, Hope was still packing in the crowds. He was one of the few song-and-dance men to have a career that would survive a jump to different genres of movies.

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