Carolingian Empire Quiz

The Carolingian Empire Quiz.

The legacy of empires can sometimes be a tough nut to crack. Often, these governments spring up around powerful individuals or groups of powerful individuals with a shared goal. Because of how they are built around their leaders, empires can often be surprising fragile. Even though empires often possess considerable military might, their core government structures can topple with the death of a single person.

This is what we see with the Carolingian Empire. With the deaths of a number of other notable empires, a power vacuum was beginning to take over the western world. In that vacuum were a number of minor lords and chieftains who tried to claim absolute authority over all the world but failed spectacularly. This was not necessarily to be the case within the Carolingian Empire. Thanks to its enlightened founder and the aid of some truly magnificent vassals, the mission statement of this nation was both conquest and just rule.

The leaders of the Carolingian Empire never shied away from a fight, but they understood that there was much more to government than the subjugation of neighboring territories. When the Empire finally met its end, the West was once again left to the chaotic whims of its smaller warlords and their kin. But for those few great generations, the men of Europe proved that they had it in them to birth more great civilizations in spite of the chaos that surrounded them.

This quiz is meant to inform as much as test, so we hope we can help you learn some of the interesting facts surrounding this nation.

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