Carrie Fisher And Her Mother – Debbie Reynolds

Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

carrie fisher and debbie reynolds

Here we have an image of a pair of starlets you might not have known were related, let alone mother and daughter. The woman on our right is Debbie Reynolds and the girl on the left is her daughter Carrie Fisher.

Indeed, these two Hollywood icons were one of the few successful mother and daughter actresses in the history of cinema. Reynolds was an actress of extremely reputable fame, especially in the mid 1900’s with her starring role in Singin’ in the Rain. She also starred in the film Tammie and the Bachelor in which she also sang the movie’s theme called “Tammie.” This song actually managed to reach number one on the music charts, proving Reynolds was a woman of many talents.

In 1955 she married singer Eddie Fisher and had Carrie the following year. When Carrie was only two, her parents divorced, but she chose to keep her father’s last name.

From this pojnt, Reynolds mostly worked in television and musicals with her starring in the musical Irene with her daughter also in the show. From here, Carrie would go to college for performing arts and try out for films actively. Of course, her breakout role would be as Princess Lea in Star Wars. After this, she would go on to reprise her role in every film of the series’ original trilogy and even 2015’s continuation The Force Awakens. She would be in many other films, but she is forever recognized as Lea. The two still manage to remain close to this day.