Theodore Roosevelt Quiz

Theodore Roosevelt Quiz

The Theodore Roosevelt Quiz. One of the most sure patterns in history is that of men and women merging from dark times to help their world. Many individuals have done this in various ways, but quite a few achieved their means by influencing the world of politics. In America in the late 19th century, economic … Read more

Historical Nicknames Quiz

historical nicknames quiz

The Historical Nicknames Quiz. Sometimes, one name for something just isn’t enough. Sometimes, the official name just doesn’t quite capture the true nature of what it represents. Whatever the case is, nicknames have become quite prevalent in our culture, some even dating back to the B.C. era. These humorous, horrendous, or sometimes just ridiculous extra … Read more

8th Grade American History Quiz

8th grade american history quiz

The 8th Grade American History Quiz. How well do you remember what you learned way back in Jr. High? Specifically, how well do you remember your 8th grade American History course? Of course, for most of us that may be a rather inconsequential point in the vast journeys of our lives, but for others it … Read more

Mozart Quiz

Mozart Quiz

Mozart Quiz The virtue of music has been understood in almost all times and places of our history. The emotion and expression that this artistic medium has provided humanity cannot be overstated. In every age we have seen many musicians rise and fall, but a relative few have actually managed to stand the test of … Read more

History’s Greatest Authors Quiz

history's greatest authors quiz

History’s Greatest Authors Quiz Though men and women may pass on as time incessantly leaps forward, their words and actions can be left behind for the next generation to consider. This is one of the main reasons that literature has always been so popular in our world. With just a pen and paper a person … Read more