American Westward Expansion Quiz

It was a time in American history of unparalleled ambition and discovery. It was also a time of cruel abuses and questionable moral actions. The rapidly growing population of the young nation of America began to desire more space, land to call their own, and a nation that expanded from coast to coast. In order … Read more

Charles Darwin Quiz

charles darwin quiz

The Charles Darwin Quiz The history of science is the repeated story of someone coming up with an innovative idea or hypothesis, and then being ridiculed for it until others support their work. One of the more recent examples of this recurring theme is the story of Charles Darwin. The animal kingdom and the peculiar … Read more

United States Landmarks Quiz

The United States Landmarks Quiz. Part of the legacy of the American nation is held in the many places we identify as vital landmarks. These are the well-known and iconic locations that can be found throughout the United States that have some significance to the country itself or its various people. Whether they be legendary … Read more

Ronald Reagan Quiz

ronald reagan quiz

The Ronald Reagan Quiz Of the many United States presidents that are remembered today, few are as popular as Ronald Reagan. Due to his relatively recent presidency and his optimistic yet firm stance in American politics, many citizens respected and appreciated Reagan’s leadership during his terms. The world was going through turbulent times in the … Read more

Civil Rights Movement Quiz

Civil Rights Movement Quiz

The Civil Rights Movement Quiz Throughout the course of humanity, inequalities have sprung up left and right between various groups of people. It has taken a tremendous amount of effort to break down the barriers that society has subconsciously or consciously set up. In America, despite the title of the land of the free, most … Read more