Catherine the Great Quiz

The Catherine the Great Quiz

Certain historical figures are born into circumstances that guarantee their greatness. In contrast, there are many others who lived their lives overcoming challenges to become truly great. Catherine the Great of Russia was someone who existed on the line that distinguished these two categories.

She was born with a number of advantages that set her apart from the average woman of her day. Still, her ambition outweighed the normal boundaries that someone in her position would have had. She had the goal to become a powerful ruler known throughout the world. Through some clever political maneuvers and the perseverance to follow through on all sorts of machinations,

Catherine became an empress. The pursuit of power was only one side of her story. Once she was on her throne, she began a rule that would change Russia forever. Early into her reign, the title of “Great” was attached to her name. She worked hard to earn such a title. There were multiple areas in which Russia lagged behind most of the other European powers that neighbored it.

Catherine wielded her authority with the enlightenment necessary to bring a major change to Russia’s social and political institutions. In the process, she became possibly one of the most powerful women in history. It took multiple years of schemes, upheavals, and backroom deals to do it, but Catherine the Great made it to the top of the world as she had always dreamed of doing.

As much as to test, this quiz is meant to inform. So, we hope you come out of it knowing something new.

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