Charles de Gaulle Quiz

The Charles de Gaulle Quiz.

The history of France has been filled with an interesting number of trends. For example, the Medieval Period saw France split from Germany to build a new unique kingdom.

Of course, during the Second World War, the French government fell rather quickly to the onslaught of the Axis Powers. This was due to a variety of factors including the surprising nature of the German attack which broke through France’s defenses. Most of France’s loyal citizens refused to acknowledge the puppet government that the Nazis installed to rule the country. Those loyalists started the resistance which would allow France to prove invaluable to the Allied war effort.

At the heart of the resistance was an officer named Charles de Gaulle. De Gaulle had no love for Germany and an intense patriotic desire to free his homeland from the control of the Nazis. This inspired him to build a complex series of intelligence webs that would sabotage Nazi war efforts and help provide critical intel to the Allies out further west. By the time France was again freed from German control, de Gaulle found himself hailed as the hero of the nation. He was the ironclad who refused to be sunk by the changing tides.

After the war, he would enter politics in the hopes of furthering his service to his countrymen. De Gaulle remains one of the most popular historical figures among the French.

This quiz will ask you questions about de Gaulle as well as about the world which shaped his legacy.

How much do you know about this historical figure? Take our Charles de Gaulle Quiz to find out.

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