Coke Comes To France

This is a picture taken in April 1950 of the first time Coca Cola was ever officially served in the country of France. In the early 1900’s, the Coke Company sought to expand its profits by globalizing their product.


Many different countries, especially those in Europe seemed to be prime ground for the soft drink market to take off, and for a while, it did. Nation after nation was receiving their first tastes of the famous beverage. However, most of the business’s efforts to create foreign markets came to a screeching halt with the outbreak of WWII.

After the dust settled and the occupation of France by Nazi Germany had ended, the Coke Company had decided this would be the perfect time to release their products to the still-recovering citizens.

As seen in the picture, many French were quite wary of Coca Cola. They felt suspicious that the drink had a dark color to it as most of their beverages usually came in a lighter coloration. There were also quite a few that rejected the product simply because it came from America. Eager to put these negative feelings behind them, Coke set up a slew of advertising all around Paris and even sent out special Coca Cola delivery vans going door-to-door making sales and supplying free samples in an effort to sway the peoples’ minds. This strategy turned out for the best as eventually the people warmed up to the soft drink. Currently, Coca Cola is among the top three soft drinks sold in the country.