Cold War Quiz

The Cold War Quiz.

With the single push of a button, mankind could have faced full annihilation. That was the central tension of the Cold War.

The development of nuclear weapons put an unthinkable power in the hands of a few leaders. Everyone beneath them was forced to live out their daily lives with the possibility of systematic destruction looming over their heads. For this reason, many historians have called the Cold War one of the darkest periods of human history. Even though the world has largely moved out of this period of possible nuclear catastrophe, we still have not moved past the possibility that nuclear weapons will be used again in our time.

The Cold War dominated much of the central and late 20th Century. A vast majority of global politics in this time stemmed from the conflict between the titanic powers of the eastern and western blocs. Central to this conflict was a difference of ideologies. Those differences ended up breeding paranoia on both sides. So, fearing the power of its counterpart, each power bloc dedicated astronomical resources toward building arsenals that could potentially wipe out all life on Earth.

Not all of the Cold War’s conflict rested in overt threats. This was an unprecedented period of espionage. With both sides hoping to get a leg up on their rival, they employed a number of spies and intelligence officials to gain access to state secrets. This quiz will test your knowledge on a number of events that took place during the Cold War and also a few of the key players of this conflict.

How much do you know about this grim period in human history? Take our Cold War Quiz to find out.

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