Communist Fishing Trip

Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

fidel castro fishing

Now here’s a picture that’s one in a million. Communist leaders Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are photographed sharing a nice fishing trip together. Small world, I guess. Actually, the two revolutionaries of Marxist ideals did work together to spread their agendas throughout Central and Southern America.

Guevara was a young Argentinian man who became a guerilla revolutionary because he wanted to improve the conditions of the poverty-stricken nations in Central America. He saw communism, a system with no private ownership, to be the perfect way to achieve this goal as it would stop his lands from being exploited by foreign business. Fidel Castro was simply a young man who opposed imperialism and sought Communism to limit the expansion of foreign powers into his native land of Cuba. He tried to start a rebellion in 1953, but that would only result in him fleeing the country due to its failure. This is when the pair met, in Mexico where their combined interests would lead to the forming of a Communist alliance called the 26th of July Movement.

With each other’s backing, the two rose to power with Castro becoming Prime Minister of Cuba after converting the country to his views, and Guevara being rewarded with minor positions of power in Cuba. It is at this point when the photo was taken, before the betrayal. With Castro’s goal complete, Guevara went to Bolivia, thinking it would be prime ground for a new revolution. He would start a campaign expecting Castro’s help, but he would receive none. Castro would leave him under-manned and alone, a decision that would cost Guevara his life.