Continent Quiz

The Continent Quiz.

There are a total of 195 official nations on Earth. 193 of those are members of the official United Nations while the other two are recognized non-participant nations. The countries span the six main continents of the world with borders created by natural geography or else political agreements.

Each nation is distinct in its own particularities in terms of culture. Sometimes with close neighbors, those differences may seem miniscule. With others, even direct neighboring countries might possess worlds of difference in their cultural practices and beliefs.

This quiz will test your knowledge on the locations of some of these nations. In order to avoid terribly easy questions, we will be abstaining from asking you about some of the most populous countries around the world. In that way, you can test your geographic knowledge and learn some new things about countries you may have only heard of prior.

How much do you know about the geographic layout of the nations on Earth? Take our In What Continent Is this Country Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Continent Quiz!

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