Dante Alighieri Quiz

Dante Alighieri Quiz

In history, it is easy to write off certain artistic masters as little more than the works they created. However, those works always come from somewhere.

In the case of Dante Alighieri, learning about his life is illuminating as it begins to unravel many of the peculiar choices he made in his stories. As he wrote from a very personal perspective, his texts contain references to individuals that he himself knew. In many cases, he used his writing to try and navigate his complicated feelings following a tragic life of betrayals and disappointment.

Dante’s imagination was what allowed his stories to break the mold. Few other fiction writers had properly paid mind to concepts such as life after death. Yet, Dante tried to concretely describe his vision of the Christian afterlife utilizing joyous and terrifying language meant to invoke the full power of the cosmos within his simple words.

In the modern day, Dante is known as one of the great classic writers who shone like a beacon in the darkness of the European Middle Ages. By the time his books became recognized as staples of early European literature, his name was lauded all throughout academia. Even today the works of Dante see continuous print and circulation because of their timeless themes and ideas.

As much as to test, this quiz is meant to inform. So, we hope you come out of it knowing something new.

How much do you know about this legendary writer and poet? Take our Dante Alighieri Quiz to find out.

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