David Bowie & Cher

Cher and Bowie.

david bowie and cher

This photo captures a moment of two stars collaborating for the first and only time, David Bowie and Cher. While many people are familiar with Cher, the pop music icon of the seventies, as well as David Bowie, the prince of glam music, not many people know that there was actually a duet between these two.

Cher used to have a pseudo-talk show on CBS entitled (what else) Cher. On the November 23rd episode in 1975, she invited David Bowie to be one of her guests of the night. He obliged and showed up to perform as a musical guest as well. His first number of the night also happened to be his first #1 hit in the United Sates, “Fame.”

After that, the pair joined up on stage to do a duet together. It was the song, “Can you Hear me?” and the two were praised for how well they had coordinated it. Then came one final performance which has sort of become a signature moment for each of these two famous musicians. They performed a medley of various songs that they called, The Young Americans Medley. There was a very strange combination of songs included that didn’t seem to really mesh together or have any coherent structure. The blend, however, did actually have a purpose that people realized after they had heard it all.

It was a medley celebrating young Americans, just like the title suggested. It went through the ups and downs, the love and heartbreak, the pride and the humiliation. It was truly a performance you would expect from two of music’s most iconic artists.