David Hasselhoff Partying

David Hasselhoff partying his face off!

david hasselhoff partying

This photograph that we have secured for your viewing pleasure was taken at a college called the California Institute of the Arts. (CalArts) Now you may be asking yourself, “Who is that young partying man that very well may or may not grow up to star on BayWatch?” Well, that is David Hasselhoff in his college years.

The picture comes to us from the 1970’s during a time when art and expression were integrated to an unprecedented degree. This was especially true at arts colleges, like the one featured, where young people were gathering wanting to express their views on the world they felt was cruel. This also meant the college parties of legend were also increased in terms of size and outrageousness.

This was especially true at CalArts, because of their ridiculous private parties. These events were set up at the school, yet were mostly in private and allowed the students to do whatever they wanted, to “help their artistic flow.”

These parties were notorious for being madhouses, with people bringing in copious amounts of drugs and alcohol, people showing up naked, and performing various inappropriate activities. By this comparison, Hasselhoff actually appears quite tame with his awkward dancing. Hasselhoff would put his days in art school to good use, however, as he would become a rather famous figure throughout the eighties and nineties.

His breakout role was on The Young and the Restless, he would also star in Night Rider and also Baywatch. CalArts has changed quite a bit since then and even though there are still many parties there, the wildness of the seventies has gone to rest.