The Death Of Lee Harvey Oswald

The Murder of Lee Harvey Oswald By Jack Ruby.


This photograph was taken of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald being killed outside of the police station he was being held in. The date of the incident is November 24th 1963 and the nation is in panic after President John F. Kennedy has been killed.

The police have apprehended Lee Harvey Oswald as a suspect in the murder and are processing him in downtown Dallas. It was also suspected that right after the assassination, Oswald murdered a policeman who was questioning him on the street.

After a brief interrogation, many people of Dallas, especially the press, began to swarm the police station hoping to get the story on Oswald. At this point in time, the Dallas Police Department realized it would probably be best to move their suspect to the county jail for security purposes.

As the escort was preparing to leave, Jack Ruby, a man who owned a night club in Dallas, walked up with a .38 revolver and shot Oswald dead. He was immediately detained then. After an interrogation, it was revealed that Ruby’s motive for his actions was merely revenge for America after Oswald killed the president. Oswald’s motive was never discovered, only speculated at.

Because of the peculiar state of these events, many have theorized that there is a larger conspiracy at play. Some believe Oswald was hired by organized crime to take down the president and then Ruby, who actually did have connections to organized crime, was then employed to silence Oswald after the deed was done. After an official ruling from the Supreme Court in 1964, it was officially declared there was no conspiracy in these deaths.