Doctor Who – On The Set

Doctor Who Producer Onset, smoke’em if you got’em.

doctor who

This picture comes from the long running science fiction series Doctor Who. The picture, which was taken in 1964, shows the producer at the time as she inspects the set and takes a smoke break. Her name is Verity Lambert and she was the very first producer the show ever had.

This was back in the early days of the show; with black and white visuals, laughably cheesy effects, and the first actor playing the doctor, William Hartnell. She can be seen standing inside of the TARDIS (a machine that travels through time and space) as she prepares for the episode to continue filming. At this point, the show was already in its second season and both the cast and crew were very eager to see where the show could go from there.

At the time, there were plenty of other silly sci-fi shows for people to watch, but Doctor Who was able to attract a very dedicated viewer base because of its charm and complex story telling that didn’t always hold your hand. It went along its way and let you follow at your own pace.

It was Verity who also came up with the concept of the series’ main antagonists, the Daleks. (a race of killer cyborgs) After only working on the show for two seasons, she would leave to pursue other projects, leaving John Wiles to fill her shoes. She would then go on to work on soap operas for the BBC, but fans to this day are grateful to her for setting the tone and stage for one of the most legendary sci-fi shows in history.