Driver’s Education Class – 1939

Driver’s Education Class – Back In The Day!

driver's education class

This next picture is another look at history in its more bizarre state. The photo comes from a driver’s education class back in 1939. It was being held at Highland Park, Michigan as a means for the college students of the time to safely understand how to operate an automobile.

The class had its students in mock cars as they got adjusted to how it felt to be in a true car’s driver’s seat. They attempted to make the experience as real as possible for the sake of their students. Complete with even the smaller details, such as the driver’s mirror hanging down from the roof, Michigan was actually considered quite ahead-of-the-times with their program. There wasn’t much of a call for cars at the start of the twentieth century, but with the roaring twenties came a large surplus in many Americans’ expendable income.

With the extra money came an increase in the number of products for people to use that money on. Plus, companies such as Ford began constructing cars for cheap prices, allowing them to sell them at cheap prices.

Thus, the automobile stopped being an invention for just the rich and important, but rather it slowly became a necessity to aid people in their commutes. Unfortunately, these early days of multiple cars had quite a few accidents, so the government started requiring licenses to drive.

Driver’s education courses began springing up across the country to help adults be ready to become responsible drivers. Although we have a lower age for participation, the goal still remains the same to this day.