Famous Films of the 1980s Quiz

Famous Films of the 1980s Quiz

The 1970s was a transformative decade for cinema. It opened the door for massive new productions which ended up evolving just what the medium was capable of.

As such, expectations from consumers began to rise. Filmmakers had shown that they were able to fully transport audiences to different times and places. So, it fell on the artists of the 1980s to carry on that torch. Carry it on they certainly did.

The decade saw a radical next step in the evolution of films. As crowd-pleasing blockbusters dominated the box office just as before, new and exciting films brought radical new concepts and techniques to the table. Effects continued to improve. Writing continued to get sharper. In the midst of all of that, some of the most famous films in history were made.

In this quiz, we will be testing your knowledge on the decade by asking you to identify thirty of the most iconic movies of the era. These can be movies that were commercial hits, ones with cultural staying power, or even movies with important histories that ended up playing a role in the development of cinema as a medium. We will ask you to identify these films based on facts about them or else ask you trivia about them.

Since there are so many incredible movies from this age, we chose a representative sample of only thirty to appear in this quiz.

As much as to test, this quiz is meant to inform. So, we hope you come out of it knowing something new.

How much do you know about cinema history? Take our Famous Films of the 80s Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Famous Films of the 1980s Quiz!

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