Famous Movie Quotes Quiz – Part II

The Famous Movie Quotes Quiz – Part II.

In the world of cinema, so many lines have become the stuff of legends that a single quiz just can’t cover all of them. We have a previous quiz that covered the subject, but now we would like to expand upon that initial list. The first quiz handled some of the most immediate and obvious quotes from the history of film. As such, this second part will up the difficulty somewhat by taking slightly more obscure quotes that are still part of the modern lexicon.

From any film in any era, these quotes have survived time to become integrated to our contemporary dialogue. They’re the kind of phrases where saying them immediately marks you as someone who is “In the know.” Yet, for some of these lines, the sources which produced them might be slightly obscure. There are many such phrases we all say which we don’t entirely understand the origins of. Perhaps this is a great time to learn about the sources of some of your favorite lines.

This quiz, like all of our others, seeks to both test your knowledge but also inform you so you can get something out of the time you spend with us. To take this quiz, you hardly need to be an expert on cinema to get a good score. However, a familiarity with the subject will surely be an advantage.

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Good Luck taking the Famous Movie Quotes Quiz – Part II!

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