Fidel Castro Quiz

The Fidel Castro Quiz.

Fidel Castro is a man whose legacy is surrounded in contention. The man committed a number of inexcusable atrocities throughout his life as a leader. What’s more, his influence on global politics often managed to heighten tensions between rival factions. With America’s recent reestablishment of diplomatic ties with Castro’s homeland, we have learned quite a bit more about the life and times of this leader.

There are a vast number of those who defend Castro as an often-misguided idealist who wished nothing more than to free his country from imperial vestiges. These people defend his actions by claiming they were the result of the difficult position his nation was placed in by its muddled past. There is evidence to support a number of Castro’s crimes were emphasized by the American government to try and demonize his new regime.

Nevertheless, there is clear evidence for the wickedness that Castro perpetrated against people domestically and abroad. The result of this complicated legacy is a dictator who the historical community is surprisingly somewhat split on. Most rationally condemn Castro for his inexcusable crimes. Castro was a leader who rose to power from nothing. In defiance of his upbringing, he became an icon of extremist politics within his homeland during a time of social instability. Seizing opportunity after opportunity, Castro eventually acquired a seat at the head of the proverbial table.

This quiz will cover topics from the life and deeds of Fidel Castro while also discussing his larger impact on the world around him and on the time during which he reigned. Since we are still confirming pieces of information about Castro’s life, please bear in mind that a few of these facts might be subject to change in the future.

How much do you know about this contentious dictator? Take our Fidel Castro Quiz to find out.

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