Figures of Arthurian Legend Quiz

The Figures of Arthurian Legend Quiz.

Of all the mythic histories of Ancient Europe, few remain as culturally relevant as England’s Arthurian Legend. This mythical tale is one of the fundamental building blocks of all western fiction.

To this day, historians look to the stories of the Arthurian Legend with a critical eye. There is a possibility that there once was a great King of Ancient England named Arthur. However, that original king’s story has become so entangled with legends and folklore that historians can find very little definitive fact about this figure. In spite of that, the collage of legends that surround Arthur and his mythical Round Table have taken on a life of their own.

These stories have survived over a millennium to remain a part of our cultural consciousness in the West. Beyond Arthur himself, the legends of his life and deeds also speak of some of the most legendary mythical figures of Europe’s folkloric past. These are characters whose names continue to appear in our cultural offerings in spite of the time between now and their original creation.

This quiz will test your knowledge on a number of the most noteworthy and iconic figures to appear in the Arthurian Legend. It is important to understand going in to this quiz that a number of these names have different spellings. Between the translations of these tales across most European cultures, these characters have been given a wide variety of names. We will try to stick to the most common names and spellings of these characters. Similarly, a few concrete details of these myths vary from source to source.

Keeping that in mind, how much do you know about the legendary characters of England’s folkloric history? Take our Figures of the Arthurian Legend Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Figures of Arthurian Legend Quiz!

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