Frank Lenz – Biking Around The World

Frank Lenz in the last known photo of him before his disappearance.

frank lenz biking around the world

This gentleman featured in the photo is one man who gave up his life for adventure and accomplishment. His name is Frank Lenz and the picture was taken of him in 1894.

He was a young American who was the child of German immigrants in Philadelphia. Growing up, he loved bicycling and joined his local cycling club. This took him on many adventures throughout the country. He would ride from Philadelphia to places like New York and Chicago. It was these adventures that inspired his desire to match the accomplishment of biking across the world that only one man before had been able to complete.

On the 15th of May 1892, He set off from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to begin his quest. He went through Washington D.C. as his first sight to see, then immediately proceeded west through the entire United States, occasionally crossing over to Canada to make his trip easier.

When he reached San Francisco on the Western Seaboard, it was time to catch a boat to the eastern world. After some time by sea, Frank landed in Japan and continued on his way. According to reports, Frank loved Japan and received much support from the country, however, once he reached China, that all changed. He had much trouble making it through the unpaved roads. This was even worsened when he made it into the jungles of Burma. His bike could barely handle the rough terrain. He continued through the Middle East but disappeared in Turkey.

No one ever saw or heard of him again and there is not a soul who knows what happened to him. By now he is surely dead, but his sacrifice for the sake of adventure will always be remembered.