Friedrich Nietzsche Quiz

Friedrich Nietzsche Quiz

The development of human philosophy is as complicated of a subject as philosophy itself. Since there is no direct throughline to chart objective progress in the field of philosophy, we are left with simply a collection of names and ideas that defined the progress of this topic.

The 19th Century saw a major rise in new cultural schools of thought. Of them, few philosophies could rival the influence which Friedrich Nietzsche’s would gain over the years. Nietzsche began life simply and never exactly gained global notoriety in his own time.

Like many other writers, it took years of review and reconsideration for people to begin finding value in the words of this controversial man. Since then, debate has been hot in academic circles of what, if any, value Nietzsche’s insights could provide on the nature of existence.

Friedrich Nietzsche claimed his ideas would bring about a new golden age of intellect and liberty among all peoples. However, there is evidence that horrible people used Nietzsche’s ideas to commit unthinkable atrocities. For these reasons, some historians are unsure how to discuss Nietzsche in the modern day.

His impact on the world of academic thought is undeniable. Yet, it is impossible to ignore the bounty of tragedies which his work ended up inspiring in the hearts of wicked men.

As much as to test, this quiz is meant to inform. So, we hope you come out of it knowing something new.

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