Genghis Khan Quiz

The Genghis Khan Quiz.

The business of creating empires is not for the faint of heart. Often, sweeping imperial powers are created by individuals with plans of global domination. Today, we are looking at a man who founded an empire somewhat on accident. Though his name is known the world over, his history is one with a number of murky details.

Genghis Khan may have been a son of a long noble lineage, but he grew up largely in obscurity. It wasn’t until tragedy befell him that he began to seize the reins of his destiny and alter history forever. A few elements of Genghis Khan’s life are steeped in legend and hearsay. Due to the fact that there were no major records being kept by Khan’s people during his early life, we can neither confirm nor deny a number of assumed and folkloric facts about his deeds.

Regardless, historians have done an admirable job collecting documents from various cultures and stitching them together to get a more realistic and reliable picture of Genghis Khan as a historical figure. After his rise to power, Genghis Khan was not satisfied with resting on his laurels. To him, the world beyond his homeland stretched out for him to conquer. So, he began an organized conquest that would forever alter the history of the world in his wake. Scattered nations and minor lords fell in line behind Genghis Khan and his seemingly unstoppable war machine.

This quiz will cover the life and deeds of Genghis Khan as well as his overall legacy.

How much do you know about this legendary war lord? Take our Genghis Khan Quiz to find out.

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