Giuseppe Garibaldi Quiz

The Giuseppe Garibaldi Quiz.

The formation of nations is a matter decided by a number of individual factors. Often, history has a hand in the birth of a new land. Similarities in culture and geography can often unite individuals in a way that can forge nations. However, no nation is immortal. Even the mightiest empires may eventually crumble under pressures internal and external.

The historical breaking of the Roman Empire was the major historical event that fractured Italy. It left a number of small regional powers in charge of bits and pieces of this land that once housed one of the world’s mightiest empires. As power was splintered and scattered to the winds, there were several attempts at reunifying Italy into the power it once was. However, they failed until Giuseppe Garibaldi came along.

Garibaldi was a military man of a classical sensibility. It was his experience and his pragmatism that made him an effective leader of men. Mobilizing these men was a feat worthy of Garibaldi’s experience. Facing obstacle after obstacle, Garibaldi was able to overcome in the name of his homeland. He became a hero to an entire nation.

Even when circumstances did not favor him and his forces, perseverance and clever tactics provided him victory time and time again. In spite of his militaristic exterior, Garibaldi was still a man of the people. Democracy was a cause that he championed even after the dust of war settled. To this day, he is remembered as a primary founder of the modern nation of Italy.

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