Google – The Beginning of Alphabet

The Beginning of Google.

the beginning of google

We have entered an age where technology is a near necessity in all that we do. From the smart cars that drive us to work to the cellphones that allow us to stay connected to one another over large distances, there is an incredible invention aiding us all the time. That which is probably the most important technological marvels of the previous century has been the Internet, and of course, the company that dominates its services, Google.

One of the richest companies in history, this search engine has been flooded with users ever since its beginnings back in 1999 when this picture was taken. Here we can see the original team that helped to grow a small search engine into a multibillion technological juggernaut.

This original group of men and women were responsible for creating one of the richest companies of our time from a mere single website housed in this simple office space. The original founders were a pair of college students at Stanford University as a part of a project. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were these two students and were attempting to create a site that could guide people throughout the massive jungle of code that was the original Internet.

After garnering some start-up investments, they purchased this building in Palo Alto, California where they began their journey to riches. Afterwards, they hired employees form all around who could actually write code and manage the website. In the modern day, Google is actually the most commonly visited website on the Internet.