Great Depression Quiz

The Great Depression Quiz.

It is a time which we remember with grim reverence. Even almost one hundred years since it began, we still learn about the Great Depression. We remember the Great Depression in the hopes that nothing like it ever happens again.

This was far from the first period of economic downturn which America experienced. However, never before had the entire American people been shaken to this extent. Work became scarce. Even the food supply took a nosedive that harmed the American people. It took several years of careful work to rebuild the shattered economy.

In that time, the citizens had to get creative in order to simply survive. Radical changes to the structure of the American economy were the eventual measures required to end this dour period. Yet, those changes were slow to come and even slower to take effect. All the while, businesses shut down, people lost their homes, and even entire economic sectors were crippled.

Still in the midst of all of this darkness, there were small glimmers of light. People throughout the nation stepped up to help their neighbors in whatever capacity they could. Unfortunately, sometimes there was little help that people could offer. The world would never be the same post-depression.

To this day there are many who question the impact of the Depression as well as the impact of the measures put forth to combat it. Inversely, there are many who believe the response to the Great Depression was a success story that offers us insight into a more sustainable form of economic progress.

How much do you know about this period of American history? Take our Great Depression Quiz to find out.

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