Heinrich Himmler And A Russian POW

Heinrich Himmler and the POW.

heinrich himmler and pow

It is rare that we get to see such photos that detail a time in which someone who commits atrocities is confronted by their actions. The man on the left with the entourage is Heinrich Himmler, and the man on the right is a Russian prisoner of war in a German prison camp. Himmler was one of the pivotal members of the Nazi seizure and withholding of power from the German people.

He was an incredibly wily and ruthless man, leaving few who dared to oppose him in his quest for power. Because of his poor health since childhood, when the young Heinrich joined the German military during WWI, he was put behind a desk, but used his various connections to become massively promoted and decorated.

When Hitler began his rise to power, Himmler was quick to join this movement he sensed would grow to prominence. The faithful service he gave the movement was rewarded when he was put in charge of the Nazi secret police. He used this position to carve out the policy of brutality and falsifying charges this police force was known for. He was also responsible for setting some policies, including prison camp and concentration camp conditions. He is significantly to blame for the massive number of people killed throughout the Holocaust.

Now we see him as he comes face to face with a prisoner from Russia as he starves in one of his camps. Despite the wretched state of the poor POW, Himmler’s expression remains stony and unfazed. Himmler would kill himself after being captured by British forces.