Henry David Thoreau Quiz

Henry David Thoreau Quiz

The literary movements of the U.S.A. began in peculiar and humble ways. Since America was a new country created nearly all at once, it had little in the way of established academic institutions or literary tropes. Instead, early American writers needed to borrow styles and conventions from back in Europe.

The independence of the American nation ensured that over time the next generations of artists in the country would have the room to carve out a unique literary identity that grew out of the philosophical values of the country itself. Enter Henry David Thoreau.

He was a simple man with more than a few peculiar notions floating around in his head. These notions ended up making him an outcast among some circles and a golden child in others. The literary past of Europe he studied with a dedicated fervor. However, as he became a writer himself, he had little desire to simply emulate the works of the old masters.

He learned their conventions and discovered another group of individuals who also wished to break the mold. Among them, Thoreau was a rising star and a prized pupil. He eagerly accepted the knowledge that his mentors and colleagues passed down to him. In turn, he added his own effort into this early attempt at crafting an all-American literary movement.

Even as his life hit multiple valleys, he continued to write as he tried to make the perfect American voice. As much as to test, this quiz is meant to inform. So, we hope you come out of it knowing something new.

How much do you about this legendary American artist? Take our Henry David Thoreau Quiz to find out.

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