Historic Composers Quiz

Historic Composers Quiz.

The beauty of music is a pleasure that every culture in the history of mankind has indulged in to some extent. Every single nation has its own musical tropes and figures. Here in the West, many of the most prolific musical legends in our history have been composers of music active between the Renaissance and the Modernist Period. It was in this time that music, like most other art forms, experienced a considerable boom in its development and production.

With pioneers laying the groundwork, suddenly new musical innovators were popping up in every corner of Europe and the Americas. A number of these rising stars would shatter the previous conventions of musical theory to bring the art form to soaring new heights. With the progression of the ages, music would become more and more accessible to the people. As such, musical stars would begin to gain renown not only among noble courts as they had in the past but also with the public at large. Most of the music written today borrows from the theories and motifs developed by the composers of this historic timeframe. Some of them have grown so iconic that their names have become synonymous with music itself.

What’s more, each one of these composers have created works that are still relevant at least a century after their compositions. This quiz will ask you to identify some of the world’s greatest composers by identifying some of their most prolific works.

How much do you know about the legendary musicians who shaped and reshaped music? Take our Historic Composers Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Historic Composers Quiz!

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