Historic Literary Heroes Quiz

Historic Literary Heroes Quiz.

Delving into the broad history of mankind, one can find tales of heroes from every corner of the globe. In the distant past, mythology was the source of these heroes and heroines which helped to embody a culture’s ideals of what makes a person truly great. In more recent times, with the birth of more secular literature, the mythology of the hero has been translated and adapted in a number of unique ways.

In a sense, literature has become our new mythology helping to express philosophies and morals to wide audiences. Even texts written centuries ago remain relevant in the collective consciousness due to the truths which these tales convey to us. Learning to read into the words on the page helps us to unlock the ideas of our ancestors.

As such, it can often be interesting to review and consider the heroes which were heralded in the literature which makes up the distant past of humanity. Even in their failings and their faults, many of these famous heroes manage to reflect truths and opinions about the way that the world works. Much of the most famous literature in the history of mankind has dealt with complicated subject matter.

Often, this complicated nature extends to the heroes of these tales. Some of the characters mentioned on this list might be considered antiheroes in some circles due to the often-complicated nature of artistic literature. However, we will try to exclude protagonists who are too villainous to be called heroes.

How much do you know about the legendary protagonists of literature’s most iconic stories? Take our Historic Literary Heroes Quiz to find out.

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